All Dogs Unleashed: Not Your Typical Dog Training Facility! Baths, Brush, Daycare & More. Get to Know Brian Claeys’ Story

All Dogs Unleashed: Not Your Typical Dog Training Facility! Baths, Brush, Daycare & More. Get to Know Brian Claeys’ Story

Having a pet is a big responsibility. Financially, emotionally and physically. You have to feed it, clean it, teach it how to go to the bathroom, how to behave and many other things more. Doing this plus all the other activities that life entails can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Brian Claeys with All Dogs Unleashed offers a relief!

Located in Texas, All Dogs Unleashed is a dog training facility that offers all the features of a pet resort. It is not your typical training pet facility! They help their customers to have an easier life with pets. They usually get clients to just train their dogs, but later, they stay for the rest of their services and become lifelong partners. They come back for baths, brush daycares and even refresh training when the owners are traveling. 

This beautiful business is run by Brian Claeys and his best friend Travis Lux. Both dog owners and lovers, decided to step ahead and materialize their amazing idea. They saw this as an opportunity to get paid doing what they love.

“We worked in sales before and neither of us was afraid to work all day and night to become successful. I started educating myself with any dog training information I could get my hands on. I soon realized that to have a happy customer, there were certain things we needed to do: give all the training both to the owner as much as to the dog”, comments Brian about his first steps into his business.

Without their determination and passion for their work, they probably wouldn’t be here. Their first steps were tough. They began in 2007 and 2008 and were negatively affected by the US financial crisis. Additionally, they couldn’t receive funding and could never even borrow a dollar. They started with a 10,000 dollar initial and built upon that. Many ups and downs, but recently, they started selling license agreements so they can help others make a career following the same practices they have. They franchised in 2021 and now they are the highest revenue producing pet resort in the US! 

What inspires Brian to keep working and do a better job every day? He takes us back to his childhood, saying how he took for granted the training of his own dogs. After realizing how important it is, he knew he could help people do it even better. “We love how we are making lifetime relationships with customers, and how happy the customer is when they go with their pets to the supermarket or comment about it on social media.”

The key to success in their business is constant innovation and staying up to date to possible improvements. They traveled around and learned from other trainers and now continue to evolve their program in the same way. 

Soon, All Dogs Unleashed will be opening new locations as cooperative stores. Their Shreveport location is under construction and hoped to be completed in the next 8 following months. Additionally, they continue to negotiate with new potential franchisees, expecting to add new locations to the 16 that they already have.

All Dogs Unleashed is an example of success, natural growth of their business. All achieved with the determination, hard work and dedication that Brian and his partner put into it. 

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