Brandon Ivan Peña is Changing the Tone of Business and Promoting Cooperation and Good Practices Rather than Competition

Brandon Ivan Peña is Changing the Tone of Business and Promoting Cooperation and Good Practices Rather than Competition

Coffee is the drink of choice for many people around the world. Whether it is coffee for a morning to get going, to enjoy throughout the  day, or finish off a great meal, coffee is present throughout people’s days. However, many people are not connected to how the coffee is actually made and delivered to your cups every single day. Brandon Ivan Peña is changing that by providing amazing coffee and an experience that changes the way people think about coffee.

“I lead 787 Coffee, from farm to cup coffee experience.  At 787 Coffee we love creating memories so we focus on human interactions.  We own the coffee farm in Puerto Rico, in the farm we grow, process and roast our own coffee beans, making them the freshest cup.   

I manage a team in Maricao and San Juan Puerto Rico, with three coffee shops ready to be opened and a coffee farm in full production and expanding. 5 open coffee shops in New York city and two more under construction,” Brandon explains.

However, coffee is not the only thing that Brandon does. He is also a podcast producer that is helping people learn more about business and provide advice to those just getting started.

“I also own brandON – my personal brand does business consulting and motivational conferences – In 2016 Brandon sold his million dollar Advertising Agency to focus on consulting, motivational conferences, his book and coffee. Making businesses grow is in my DNA. I take it very personally, I push entrepreneurs to innovate and to go to the next level.   I help business owners strategize and focus on the primary objective.  It seemed right to lead by example, therefore, I decided to push myself and invest in things that I truly love, humans, and coffee,” Brandon details.

This entrepreneurial spirit didn’t come out of nowhere. Brandon has always been in the business even from a young age. He knew that he had to move to New York to make his career full and successful, so he did just that.

“I am Mexican American. Born and raised in the El Paso/ Juarez region. A beautiful border. I always knew I had to live in NYC, as I wanted to create, use my creativity as my way of living. I have worked with fortune 500 companies such as State Farm Insurance, One World Alliance & Televisa. I am speaking and designing events such as Social Media Week Puerto Rico, Design Shanghai & Latinos Pa’Lante. I am an incredible Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and motivational speaker. I also have an Executive MBA from the University of Miami,” Brandon recounts.

This long term dedication to business has made him stand out from the crowd. However, Brandon is unconcerned about the competition. He works on his own business and makes himself better every single day rather than focusing on how to outperform others. In fact, he sees no reason why there isn’t room for everyone in this business world. Instead of jostling for customers, the community should thrive on supporting one another.

“I am so busy impacting the people around me that I don’t think of the competition.  I do what I do because I love what I do.  I surround myself with INCREDIBLE HUMANS, we are passionate, we are honest, we hustlers.  We are caffeinated humans being creative and being passionate about business.  WE WANT TO BUILD, we want to collaborate, we want to build a better world, TOGETHER.  In my world my competitors are doing the same,” Brandon states.

To find out more about Brandon, his motivational podcast, and his coffee company, you can check him out on instagram here and check out his website here.