Brian Jeffrey Raymond: Former CIA officer admits federal sex abuse charges

Brian Jeffrey Raymond: Former CIA officer admits federal sex abuse charges

A former CIA officer accused of drugging and sexually assaulting at least two dozen women during various overseas postings has pleaded guilty to federal sex abuse charges.

Brian Jeffrey Raymond kept nearly 500 videos and photographs he took of naked, unconscious women, including many in which he can be seen opening their eyelids, groping or straddling them.

Prosecutors said the images date to 2006 and track much of Raymond’s career, with victims in Mexico, Peru and other countries.

The 47-year-old has been described as an experienced sexual predator who kept detailed accounting of potential victims organized by name, ethnicity and notes on their physical characteristics.

Investigators combing his devices found an incriminating online search history for phrases such as “Ambien and alcohol and pass out” and “vodka & valium”.

In one email to an online pharmacy, Raymond wrote: “Hello, do you have chloral hydrate for insomnia?”

When he was arrested three years ago, Raymond had been stationed in Mexico City, where he would meet women on dating apps and invite them back to his embassy-leased apartment for drinks.

He was only discovered in 2020 after a naked woman Raymond met on Tinder screamed for help from his balcony, prompting a worried neighbor to call the authorities.

US officials began identifying the victims, all of whom described experiencing some form of memory loss during their time with him.

Prosecutors had intended to call as many as 14 alleged victims during trial.

As part of the agreement announced on Tuesday, Raymond pleaded guilty to four of 25 criminal counts including sexual abuse, coercion and transportation of obscene material.