Claudia Caminero, A Style, Travel, and Food Blogger Who Is Passionate About Helping Others Through Her Content

Claudia Caminero, A Style, Travel, and Food Blogger Who Is Passionate About Helping Others Through Her Content

Claudia Caminero is a Content Creator & Blogger, who offers services including photography, videography, product modeling, and offers ads on her blog and social networks. Through blogging, she has been able to make a living from home and help other women live a healthier, more joyful life. Claudia was born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. At 14 years of age, her mother Deysi left her corporate job and brought Claudia and her sister to the United States in search of a better life. Deysi worked tirelessly cleaning empty apartments in order to make enough money to cover their living expenses. Unfortunately, Deysi was surrounded by harmful cleaning chemicals that weakened her to the point that it made her ill. 

At the age of 19, Claudia married Arshak Andriasov, a classical music composer who taught her to value her creativity. Later on, Claudia began working at one of the largest banks in the U.S. and while she was happy and growing rapidly in her career, her personal life and health was affected by its demands. Her relationship with her husband suffered and after having passed out twice without any apparent reason or medical explanation, Claudia realized this was mostly caused by stress. At this point, her husband asked her to take a step back and put her health first by quitting her job. While she was hesitant to do so in the beginning, Claudia left her job in hopes of improving her health and relationship. 

At first, Claudia dedicated herself to the Stock Market, however, she missed helping and interacting with people. She sat down with her husband in search of a way of earning a living from home, and blogging caught her attention. She aimed to help others by sharing her experience with her mom, as well as what she had learned from her own health scares. 

“I started a blog about Wellness. It was important for me to share my mom’s experience about the cleaning chemicals. I was inviting people to use plant-based and chemical-free products in both cleaning and beauty products,” Claudia explains. 

Claudia used her own experience with wellness and fitness to inspire other women and slowly built a loyal audience that appreciated her content. “What started out from researching the internet to make money from home, became a passion that I do to this day. Little by little, I added more subjects that I liked, such as fashion and travel,” states Claudia. 

Claudia notes that it was somewhat difficult to monetize this passion of hers in the beginning, however, it became easier as she began to collaborate with brands and continued learning about the field. With great support from her husband, Claudia never gave up and learned more about websites, SEO, photography, video editing, and everything else related to content creation and how to monetize a blog and social networks. Today, she has already monetized her blog and social accounts much more than what she earned working at her corporate job in a bank, and has the freedom to be her own boss, spend time with her family, and get paid to travel while doing so. 

Claudia recognizes that putting her ideas into fruition was one of the biggest challenges she faced. While many thoughts and inspiration come to mind when starting a business, Claudia notes how important it is to focus and express these thoughts in a cohesive manner. At the same time, it is equally important to learn about all the finer details in contracts, taxes, negotiating prices, and other such vital things, as well as knowing your value. While starting a business is not an easy task, Claudia also recognizes the importance of mindset –

“Like clouds in the sky, you will have bad days, but those are only temporary. There will be many setbacks, but like the sun, you will shine no matter what,” states Claudia. 

While Claudia initially began her business in 2017 as a way to help people while making money to help her household, blogging has become a great passion of hers, as helping others is extremely fulfilling to her. Many of her followers ask about the business aspect of her job such as the tools she uses or how she negotiates with brands. Hence, Claudia has decided to build a tool that can help individuals who want to make an income through social media. Currently, she is working on an E-Course about Content Creation and Blogging as a career and has the following advice for upcoming entrepreneurs:

“Learn the basics. Be passionate about your niche. Inform yourself about your subject’s past, current, and future developments. Always be on top of your financials. Use all the resources that are out there. Always have an open mind. Research every possible angle. Be professional and always have dignity in your dealings with others. Be remembered as someone who helped people AND earned a living doing it.”

Furthermore, it is important to point out that while Claudia has been able to help support her household through her blogging career, she has been successful because of her passion for having an impact in the lives of others. As Claudia says, Be grateful for other people’s sacrifices. Their care and love inspires others. Always know that you have a story to tell and people will be interested. You are not alone. No matter the niche, you have an opportunity to promote love and care.” 

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