Creating a Mobile Concierge Wellness Service in Order to Help People Achieve Better Health: This is NRB Concepts.

Creating a Mobile Concierge Wellness Service in Order to Help People Achieve Better Health: This is NRB Concepts.

Health and wellness are often on the top of everyone’s mind. Whether it is mental, physical, or emotional wellness, when one of these pieces are out of control, it can have an adverse effect on someone’s life. For that reason, many of us try to do different tasks such as working out and finding time for self-care to ensure that we keep ourselves in good shape.

However, when work, family, friends, and other life factors become too much, our health and wellness can fall to the wayside. This is where NRB Concepts can help. NRB Concepts is a mobile concierge wellness service that focuses on making clients understand the importance of healthy living to help prevent certain disease processes from occurring at a micronutrient level.

“We offer micronutrient testing and a medical provider consultation, providing the client with IV vitamins or vitamin injections based on the client’s micronutrient results. NRB focuses on the wellness of our clients so they can achieve their full potential,” explains Kathleen Ade, President of NRB Concepts, LLC on the its purpose. 

The team at NRB Concepts consists of various medical field providers, ranging from physicians, registered nurses and dieticians. Many of them love providing medical care and helping others, yet noticed there was a big lack in the micronutrient testing space.

“As health professionals, we noticed that certain medical conditions can be prevented if micronutrient testing and vitamin administrations are provided to patients. Once a patient receives a diagnosis, hundreds of questions come to mind such as ‘why did this imbalance occur, and what is the cell lacking for its malfunction?’ As a result, NRB was created in order to nourish, revive and balance our clients,” expresses Kathleen Ade. 

Despite having a passion for creating something that would help others, the pathway was not without obstacles for the team at NRB Concepts, having been established during the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. In spite of the untimely challenges and competitive market, they persevered and focused on the health and wellness of the people in their community, allowing them to grow a loyal support amongst many customers. 

“NRB focuses on the wellness of an individual from the cellular level and provides resources that can assist them in achieving their health and wellness goal. What differs us from other concierge companies is our focus on micronutrient testing to help direct our clients a road map of their state of health and provide suggestions on what vitamin drips would best suit their needs,” adds Kathleen Ade

With many more people to help, NRB Concepts is just getting started in making their mark in the world! Currently, they are working on expanding their social media presence in order to create more platforms that support wellness. To find out more about NRB Concepts, follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.