Baseball is a favorite pastime for many people around the world. Although it is one of the most popular sports for fans who enjoy watching it on TV or visiting their favorite ballpark, baseball has lost its popularity among people who actually practice and play the sport. 

In 2020, Batbox, an entertainment company based in Dallas, and Strikezon, the leading developer and manufacturer of baseball simulators in the world based in Seoul, partnered with the intention of growing the game in America through a totally new form of sports entertainment, indoor baseball. For many years, indoor sports have been growing around the world, with Asia, especially Korea, leading the way. 

Through these technologies and forms of entertainment people are able to enjoy their favorite sports in a more accessible, fun and social way. Finally, this global phenomenon of baseball simulators has now arrived in America, aiming to replace bowling, movie theaters and others, as the new and biggest form of entertainment in the country.

Batbox will be offering a turnkey solution to sports and “eatertainment” venues across America, who are looking to add the newest, most innovative technology and entertainment experience into their new or existing venues with the objective of attracting new customers and maximizing revenue. 

Batbox utilizes the best technology and the most premium baseball simulator in the world; Strikezon. Its technological components simulate the game in its purest form. Their recognized “VISION Sensors” senses all ball movements of strikes, balls, fouls, hits and home-runs which also provides statistics to players. From a full HD 5000 Lumen Laser projector to sound surround system and an automatic pitching machine, Strikezon creates the most physical and real experience of the game.  

In addition, Strikezon allows up to 18 players, 4 different game modes, personalized levels of difficulty and personalized ball speed for each and every player. With its interactive touchscreen kiosk PC, players are allowed to create their own defense strategy, keep track of score, stats, and time of play, making it the most interactive, fun and entertaining baseball simulator on the market.

While there are other batting cages and baseball simulators designed for training, at present there is no baseball-focused entertainment concept that combines the virtual experience of playing baseball with an interactive, real and social atmosphere that Batbox offers.  

By adding Batbox into your business or venue you’ll make every square foot count. Grow your business and create a high energy, social and competitive environment. “Batbox is the perfect amenity and attraction to grow your business, add value to your space and maximize revenue.”

Whether it’s for a new or existing restaurant, bar, stadium, sports complex or entertainment locations, Batbox recreates a new way of interaction to baseball.

Join Batbox in its mission to expand this amazing sport and lifestyle brand, bringing baseball closer to people every day.To find out more about Batbox, follow their instagram here and check out their website here.