Harvey the Credit Houdini is Helping Better Get Better Credit and Changing Lives. Find Out More Below.

Harvey the Credit Houdini is Helping Better Get Better Credit and Changing Lives. Find Out More Below.

Humble beginnings do not need to be the definition of your wealth. For many people, they start off with very modest living and can end up being financially successful unlike they have ever experienced. This was the case for Harvey Logan, better known as Harvey the Credit Houdini. Harvey didn’t begin life with a head start, but instead came from a very average family, if not below average, financial background. However, this never slowed him down when it came to finding success.

“My father was a janitor and my mother was a Teacher in my hometown. I attended Stillman College an HBCU in Alabama where I graduated with a Degree in Business Management. When I graduated college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I had a knack for dealing with people which eventually led me into sales!! I always knew I wanted to do something that would give me the opportunity to help people but also give me the opportunity to live a good life. I always felt I had a hunger for success. I just didn’t know within what field until I fell in love with sales and the thought of entrepreneurship,” Harvey the Credit Houdini explains.

Harvey knew he had a talent and knew he could channel it into something to change the world for himself and for many people around him. That is when his business idea was born. Harvey the Credit Houdini, as the name suggests, helps thousands of people with credit restoration and repair.

“I help guide people with not only credit repair but help them gain the financial knowledge to get to financial freedom. We do our best to get people to be aware of how many people are out there with inaccurate accounts on their credit profiles. Accounts that hinder them from being able to purchase homes, houses, etc. By helping aid them in the removal of those inaccuracies truly feels good when helping people reach their goals,” Harvey the Credit Houdini states.

Harvey the Credit Houdini, like many other people, was inspired to join this business after seeing so many people who struggled with credit and he knew someone who had been involved in the business for years who showed him the ins and outs of the business. 

Harvey’s path has not always been easy though. Like many entrepreneurs, Harvey the Credit Houdini struggled to scale up his business to the next level after beginning his journey in the entrepreneurial world.

“The biggest obstacle starting out I had to face in my career was learning how to truly scale my business to get the most out of all aspects of my business. From customer service to making sure all of my employees were on the same page so that everyone has an awesome experience when utilizing our services,” Harvey the Credit Houdini says.

Since overcoming this obstacle, Harvey has been able to help even more people every minute. He has big plans for the future which he details below: 

“I plan on closing out this year just doing my best to give back to families in need during the holidays. I’m big on charity and actually lending my time in the community. So more than likely I’ll be involved with something of that sort.”

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