How Alex Rodriguez aka ItsAlexHype is Finding Current Success

How Alex Rodriguez aka ItsAlexHype is Finding Current Success

Originally from New Jersey, Alex Rodriguez, known as ItsAlexHype, is an online content creator and personal marketing expert based in South Florida. He has combined TikTok creation, investments in stocks, NFT’s, and Cryptos, and online marketing into a career that takes advantage of current opportunities. In an interview, he described his job as “WIFI money” or the ability to make money from home. This path is becoming more popular in today’s society, and Alex is at the forefront of the movement. 

He works with Simple Media (ADS), a digital agency specializing in online marketing, to help clients engage with real, relevant Instagram users and get followed by their ideal audience. The marketing is made possible through audience, a platform that has given Alex great opportunities. Alex stated in his interview, “I love the ability to help and connect with others, whether it’s by making people laugh or even getting their work out more! Thanks to my large network and reach, I have been able to be a part of huge celeb campaigns such as @YungBans, @LilDurk @ItsBobbyShmurda, @AllyLotti, and more. I have also had the pleasure of DMing and promoting underground artists who have even gone mainstream now (@iamtrevordaniel, @masonrayparker @nessthekid823) and have DMs with tons of celebs, which is quite rewarding. The best part of my job, though, is the satisfaction of my clients. I ensure that every client I work with is pleased and do everything that I can to make them happy, such as quick and organic results. In fact, most of my clients are so pleased with my work that they often come back again and refer their friends.” The world of online business is a self-fulfilling cycle.

Alex or ItsAlexHype gave some insight into his successes so far and how he has taken the strategies, he used early in his own career to help others. He says, “I have been able to [grow online presence] in all kinds of niches, taking pages from 0 to 1m+ solely from posting in a short two-year time span. I have done this on sports pages, relatable pages, music pages, meme pages, and much more. Thanks to this, I have yet to encounter a client that I cannot help and has not been pleased with my work. I have also been able to make quite a generous amount off of this business, which has allowed me to hire an admin and re-invest into my other pages and services.”

In the next five years, Alex sees himself as a serial entrepreneur who can use his assets to expand his network and investments. He plans to use these to grow his music network and his services to include artist branding and press work. This will, in turn, lead to signing his own artists for promotion and potentially some models and athletes.

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