Inkluziva will Change the World Through Education! Learn About Their Economic System with Decentralized Finance Networks that Rewards Students & Teachers for their Performance

Inkluziva will Change the World Through Education! Learn About Their Economic System with Decentralized Finance Networks that Rewards Students & Teachers for their Performance

History and experts agree that education is a tool that helps transform the world into a better place. Nevertheless, education is not so easily implemented. It faces many challenges, especially in fragile economies, places with great inequalities, and serious infrastructure problems.

These issues have always existed, but with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, they increased alongside the challenge to continue educating without being able to do so in person. Driven by this situation, ÓROS Education Solutions will launch Inkluziva Foundation, an Education Economic Ecosystem Supported by Decentralized Finance Network and Metaverse.

This platform was born to add value to schools to improve the effectiveness of education, generating economic and social impact, aiming to mitigate the problems education faces day to day.

“Inkluziva is a business that will open doors to a new world, where technological, social and economic development go hand in hand with the possibility of transforming lives. We will bring the best of the education universe to a decentralized world in order to fight the main global educational problem, which is economic inequality.”

In their experience, they have found that it is not only enough to bring quality education to schools. It is necessary that each school becomes an environment of social transformation. Schools can and should generate impact in the lives of those who study and work there. And this is what they’ll be trying to achieve with Inkluziva.

How does it work? The platform of Inkluziva enables the creation of a token economy that will financially reward the academic performance of students and faculty. “Through blockchain infrastructure, Inkluziva creates an ecosystem capable of generating income for all people involved in the teaching and learning processes, especially students and teachers. Thus, the student does not need to abandon studies to survive and teachers will be motivated to always do the best for their students.” The main currency of Inkluziva’s economic ecosystem is Zicoin, a token that will be launched globally on 14th  September and will enable transactions on their platform. Follow their social media channels to stay up-to-date about the event.

The innovation behind Inkluziva is explained by their their strategic pillars, which take advantage of: 

  • The technologies applied to decentralized finance in a web 3.0 environment. This creates mechanisms that reward the performance of actors involved in the process. A better performance turns into more tokens received, which can later be used to buy goods and services.
  • Artificial Intelligence technology to design mathematical models able to map symptoms of emotional or neurological diseases in students and teachers.
  • The Metaverse applied to education to create learning games. These games will help them develop technical skills for the new digital economy.
  • The global market of education, which will provide services and solutions with the most advanced Blockchain resources to bring Inkluziva efficiently to the education networks around the world.

What inspired Inkluziva’s creation? Innovation, inclusion and opportunity. Carlos Jacobino, its CEO and founder, is a computer scientist and passionate about innovation. Then, the crypto world allows everyone, even those who have never entered the traditional financial market, to have access to products like a basic account for transactions, credit, or even investment. And finally, the great opportunity of being the first ones doing what they’re doing. “We are pioneers in this industry and it is only growing and has great opportunities for transmission and abundance to the whole economic ecosystem involved in our project”. 

In their website you can also learn more information about this ecosystem, their purpose, the problems they want to solve and the solutions they suggest for society. To learn more about this incredible project, download their white paper here.

An ambitious goal requires a united team directed to it. Inkluziva counts with a great team of experts that have come together and are dedicated to the same objective: Change the world through education! It will start its operations on September 14th of this year, and you can stay up to date by being part of their Telegram channels, in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. You can also learn more about Inkluziva through here