Inspired by the Passing of His Brother, BlueJay Wangteam Decided to Dedicate His Life to Music and Has Had Huge Success Doing So. Find Out His Story Below.

Inspired by the Passing of His Brother, BlueJay Wangteam Decided to Dedicate His Life to Music and Has Had Huge Success Doing So. Find Out His Story Below.

Music connects to people in a variety of ways. Whether it is finding the perfect song for the perfect moment or channeling how you feel in a way that cannot be described in words, music is an outlet for emotion, for experiences, and for people. It has been present in human history even at its earliest stages.

BlueJay WangTeam is a musician who is sharing his unique and authentic sound that is based on how he grew up in the world.

“What makes me unique is my voice and my struggle. Coming up, I found my sound but not only found my sound and I created my own sound as well. Everything I talk about in my music is true and what I have done in my life or what I’ve been through. Unlike others, I just try to be as real as possible,” BlueJay explains.

BlueJay is not your average artist. He covers genres, feelings, moments and more. As he details it, he has a song for almost everything. That is because, as previously mentioned, it is music that is based on him and his own lived experiences. This allows him to channel a wide range of music that other artists struggle to achieve.

I’m an artist And I have my own clothing merchandise called “Currently Chasing Cheese” but my main focus is my music. That’s something I have perfected and I noticed a lot of people love my creativity. No matter what mood you’re in, I can almost guarantee that I have something for it. If you want to fight, I got fighting music; if you want to have fun, I got fun music; if you want to dance, I also have that; if you want to cry, I got multiple songs,” BlueJay states.

Though BlueJay has always had a passion for music, one particular moment in his life and one particular person helped him become the musician he is today. BlueJay’s brother was killed. He was always the one that supported him the most to stay committed to his music career, so when he died, he felt that he needed to continue making music.

“I mean I’ve always done music but if you want me to give a specific moment I would say when my brother, JB Yungmajick, was killed. All he ever wanted me to do was stay in the studio and off of the streets. I guess he felt that was the only way that could keep me safe because where I live, you can be pumping your gas and end up in heaven faster than you know,” BlueJay says.

BlueJay’s goal is always to elevate other musicians so that they too can find their passion in the music industry. He doesn’t see them as his competitors, but rather as his coworkers. They can all share thoughts and beats together instead of actively working against each other.

“I have no competition; I only have coworkers because I feel like we’re all in this together. We all came from the same struggle and went through the same obstacles to become successful, but to separate myself from everyone else I am a relentless hustler,” BlueJay details.

BlueJay is dropping music faster than we can keep up with. He has just dropped a brand new single which he explains below:

“For the rest of this year I’m just dropping singles. Right now, I have a single out that’s doing great called “MUD WALK”. It also has a music video to it as well and it’s out on all platforms.”

To find out more about BlueJay, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his Youtube channel here.