Learn How To Change Your Sportsbetting With Don Picks Official, The Sports Consulting Business Created by Don Kazim

Learn How To Change Your Sportsbetting With Don Picks Official, The Sports Consulting Business Created by Don Kazim

Don Picks Official is  a sports consulting business that sells daily sports picks and has weekly and monthly subscriptions. It helps simplify the potentially daunting world of sports betting while offering impartial analysis of many unique strategies for being successful in sports betting and for building wealth.

The man behind this successful business is Don Kazim. He started his first sportsbook account back in college years ago and it suddenly became his passion and second source of income. In fact, he was able to accumulate over $250,000 dollars in profit and a year after graduation that total grew to nearly $650,000 dollars all from sports betting.

Don saw an opportunity and ran with it. He and his team understood that betting can be used as an alternative income stream and decided to help clients take advantage of this growing industry and investment opportunity to generate compound income.

Don Picks Official provides their clients with sport analysis including betting picks and betting predictions on all their favorite American sports such as NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, UFC, NCAAB, NCAAF, WNBA and more. 

They share daily sports betting picks, depending on the client’s membership type, that are derived from some of the strategies that they have personally developed over the last few decades. Don Picks Official has many types of membership such as daily access, one month access, year pass and seven days access.

In addition, Don wrote a digital book called “Sportsbook Secrets”. The e-book talks about the practice of meditation and how it helps calm and control the emotions, which is a helpful tool for sportsbetters looking to scale their sportsbook account. He shares that mindset has played an important role in his story of success.

“Mindset is very important. Also, success to me is waking up to a passionate obsession to build what you love and do what you love, which for me translates to building this business and being able to help create more profitable sportsbetters”, he shares.

Don Picks Official manages to stand out from other similar businesses due to Don’s 10+ years of experience. His mission is to create profitable sportsbetters and he works everyday towards that. His business is 100% customer oriented and analytically driven. In fact, every pick, play and action is researched and analyzed to guarantee the best results.

One of the main goals of the business this year is to grow the brand and to cultivate a community of sportsbetters that seems like family. They welcome all members regardless of skill level, whether the client is someone that’s just beginning sports betting or a full time sports bettor with experience, they can join their community in order to become successful in their sports betting journey.

Learn more about Don Picks Official and join their community here.