More Than a Car Club & More Than a Social Club: Car Enthusiasts Gather and do Good at Fast Lane Drive

More Than a Car Club & More Than a Social Club: Car Enthusiasts Gather and do Good at Fast Lane Drive

Most people have been lacking a sense of community since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. Technology has allowed people around the world to connect like never before, but only at the cost of some face-to-face interaction and sense of belonging. 

This is where Fast Lane Drive comes in. 

Fast Lane Drive is about connection. It’s about being part of a growing community that allows people to network and build lasting friendships based on mutual interests. 

However, the club goes beyond just providing a space for people to gather and appreciate cars. Fast Lane Drive takes its mission further by providing its members with entertainment, philanthropy, and community even in difficult times. Since its inception in 2018, Fast Lane Drive has expanded its membership beyond the imagination of any of its original founders, with its flagship location in San Diego at 100 members and a new club in Scottsdale, AZ. 

Fast Lane Drive started as a group of friends who enjoyed driving together. That original board began inviting more friends along to the drives, so the group decided to make an official club. Today, the club receives over 20 applications a week and continues to make a name for itself. Fast Lane Drive membership is about 25% women today, and the board intends to increase that percentage every year by making concerted efforts to diversify the ideologies and backgrounds within the club. 

Fast Lane Drive isn’t planning on slowing down as they continue to spread the power of their community to others. The founders’ dream would be to create a cohesive social group that connects members around the world. They also hope to have members travel to different cities and participate in rallies at other chapters. 

Clement Connor, the founder of Fast Lane Drive, sees the club as an opportunity to connect with people who share some of his lifelong passions. In the process of building it, he has found lifelong friends and a strong community to be thankful for. 

“We don’t see anyone as competition because we are pretty unique from other clubs. We aren’t fully a car club and we aren’t just a social club—FLD is a social group centered around cars and community. At the same time, we try not to talk too much about business during our social events because our members just want to have fun and meet like-minded people in their city. Our biggest success is simply giving back to the community and connecting members from around the world,” Clement explains.

Applications are open to become a member of Fast Lane Drive! To find out more about Clement and his business, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.