The Global Money Mindset Mastery Program by Shawnte Mckinnon Helps You Shape Your Idea to Build Your Business

The Global Money Mindset Mastery Program by Shawnte Mckinnon Helps You Shape Your Idea to Build Your Business

Ideas rule the world. We are guided by them, we work for them, we pursue things because of them. Ideas sell products, provide services and build institutions. Ideas are also the initial stage of many companies and organizations. And to become that, ideas have to be transformed. The Global Money Mindset Mastery Program helps you take your ideas to the next level.

This online business program teaches entrepreneurs how to develop their business idea into an executable plan, as well as identifying the appropriate business structure and the different types of funding sources available. The course focuses on the impact businesses can have on local communities and international economies.

It was created by Shawnte Mckinnon, MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute. Shawnte has over 15 years of experience in business, focused on accounting and finance. She possesses the Women’s Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University and is a Director of Client Solutions for a fortune 500 company.

“I want the students to have exclusivity and top-tier business training without the years and price tag of a business school. This is the most appropriate time for burgeoning entrepreneurs to leap into this entrepreneurial space and not shrink from the news to an economic downturn”, comments Shawnte.

The course is dictated by professionals and business leaders with experience in NGOs, the political, corporate and small business sectors. It consists of a one hour group coaching session in person per week, live coffee chats with an international business professional, a business development plan-guide book, and a 30 minutes 1-to-1 strategy consultation.

To Shawnte, coaching and helping others is something that comes natural to her. She wants to help people understand that it doesn’t matter where you start but where you finish, which is why she is directing this course. Throughout her career, she has been able to help over 100 businesses with her recommendations and guidance. Now, with the Global Money Mindset Mastery Program she wants to expand that number.

People interested can join the course here and begin this amazing and nurturing experience. Once enrolled, students get the step-by-step guidebook to prepare the execution of their business plan. Then, the course will guide them on how to gain access to capital. Alongside the different experts, Shawnte will be with them to assess them. The course provides the knowledge of these people, as well as a great executive networking and access to periodic granting opportunities. 

“I have developed strategies to prevent companies from going into bankruptcy and maintain economic sustainability. This program will give entrepreneurs and business owners the tools to properly pivot when external risk arises”, she stated.

Shawnte believes that knowledge, ambition and endurance are the 3 key things needed to build a successful business. With the Global Money Mindset Mastery Program you will train and learn more about this and acquire the skills necessary to shape your idea into a business.