Women’s Fashion Has Always Been a Challenge for Many. Shop Yahaira INC is Beginning a Revolution to Change That. Find Out More Below.

Women’s Fashion Has Always Been a Challenge for Many. Shop Yahaira INC is Beginning a Revolution to Change That. Find Out More Below.

Shopping for women’s clothing is a struggle for many women. Whether it is because you have a non-traditional body shape or can’t find the right shop that fits your needs, it is a difficult challenge that many women, in particular, face. While many stores have adapted to fit new fashion needs to fit more people, there are still some serious gaps in the industry.

Shop Yahaira INC is attempting to change the way that people experience shapewear shopping when they have a non-traditional body type. Shop Yahaira INC is the mastermind behind the revolutionary body shaper now known as Happy But No. 7. Their goal has been the creation of a movement around the shapewear world instead of simply building a singular product.

The roots for Shop Yahaira INC were planted when the company noticed early on a problem that no one else was solving. Their shapewear does not flatten the buttocks region; it has a seamless breathable mesh with four way stretch that lifts and shapes along with other patented technology. However, their business goes way beyond the shapewear itself. They deal with women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. They try to answer every comment, message in real time and their customers value their communication and reputation.

Despite the best intentions to help people and change the way that women experience shapewear shopping, it was not all smooth sailing for Shop Yahaira INC. Finding the right patents and lawyers to help them with the process was difficult, the group was able to make it work and has now patented numerous types of shapewear. However, their success was so rapid that it actually became an obstacle to their growth! The company grew so quickly that they could not find enough employees to keep up with their growth. With the employees that they were hiring, they also were uncertain as to whether or not they would be trustworthy and good employees for the company. Thankfully, the team has worked out and kept up with the ever-growing demand for their product.

The creator of Shop Yahaira INC is Bruce Moncada and the inspiration behind it all: Yajaira. However, he only came up with the idea of changing the world of shapewear after meeting his son’s mother, Yajaira. When traveling with her and seeing her perform at shows, he noticed that she constantly faced the challenge of finding the correct shapewear that fit her body. This gave Bruce an idea. She became his business partner and the two launched the company together.

“We saw an opportunity to create our own with special technology. We created several utility patents. Which catapulted our business and separated us from all our competition. We currently hold patents in several countries and we built a company that is helping women look good and feel good. Providing excellent products to serve all women of all shapes and sizes. Yahaira Solano, mother of my child and business partner: www.shopyahaira.com. We trademarked “happy butt happy life”. This is the saying of our company. We are working on taking over to become “the number one shapewear company in the world,” Bruce explains.

The hope for the future is to go global with their business as they seek to reach other corners of the world that have similar issues with not understanding women’s body shapes. The next two years they want to increase revenue tenfold. They are also looking into starting a runway show and have a couple different TV Shows about real estate. To find out more about Shop Yahaira INC, you can follow them on Instagram here and check out their website here.