You Don’t Need to be Rich to Invest in Real Estate: Entrepreneur Israel Cordova Shares his Secrets to Success

You Don’t Need to be Rich to Invest in Real Estate: Entrepreneur Israel Cordova Shares his Secrets to Success

Born in Mexico and raised in Florida, entrepreneur Israel Cordova is out to help Hispanic-Americans regain control of their finances and futures. After realizing his own success in the real estate market, Israel knew that there had to be a better way for members of his community to forge their own way to financial independence. With this in mind, Israel launched Florida-based Cordova Financial, a credit and financial company helping Americans change the way they use money and credit.

“What I wanted was a way to help the Hispanic community better manage their funds and invest in real estate. The Hispanic community wants to save money at banks the traditional way, but the American banking system has fundamentally changed. We can’t just hoard money in a savings account like the old days; we have to actively invest and manage our investments to achieve financial freedom and a safe retirement.”

Israel found his own financial freedom through real estate. After some early investments proved successful, the young entrepreneur quit his corporate 9-5 and went full-time into real estate investment, eventually launching Cordova Financial to help others achieve the same level of success. Since then, Israel has built a massive following on social media, with more than 190 thousand combined followers on TikTok and Instagram.

“There was almost no information on finance and real estate investing in Spanish when I came onto the scene,” Israel recounts, “so I decided to start educating the Hispanic community on social media about real estate investment opportunities and money management. I launched Cordova Financial in 2020 to provide a more formalized channel for sharing that advice, lending a hand to more than 500 active monthly clients on everything from credit restoration and opening new lines of credit, to purchasing their first home and even financing new cars!”

Working with families and individual investors across Florida, Israel has found meaning in helping his community achieve financial freedom and fluency in an increasingly complex world. Now more than ever – with consumer prices skyrocketing and the spectre of inflation looming on the horizon – services like Cordova Financial are poised to help everyday investors move their money into inflation-respondent assets like real estate, while preparing their personal credit and financials for market shocks to come.

Speaking to others who hope to secure their own financial freedom, Israel urges them to, “start now, don’t wait! There will always be things that you don’t know when starting out – that’s why you need to find a good mentor to help you along the way. I was full of questions when I first got into real estate and was open to learning every single step of the way.”

Moving forward, Israel vows to continue overdelivering to his customers, while reaching even more families in Florida and beyond. As his TikTok and YouTube explainer videos gain traction, Israel also expects to take the bold step into public speaking, bringing his financial and real estate advice directly to the people and communities who need to hear it the most. No matter the avenue of communication, however, Israel aims to open the world of real estate investment and financial freedom to his community and Hispanics around the U.S.

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